How to Repair Corrupted or Damaged Video File?

video repair toolVideo is a type of media file used for entertainment and educational purpose. There are several format of video files such as AVI, MP4, FLV, MOV and MPEG. Sometimes while conversion of file format video get corrupted and become unplayable. It is quite irritating when video get corrupted as it takes lots of effort to download video. Under such situation, user is searching tool to repair damaged and corrupted video file.

Repair Video is an advanced tool to repair damaged and corrupted video file with few simple steps. With the use of this application, you are able to fix AVI, MP4, FLV, MOV and MPEG video files. This software is compatible in repairing video files from hard drive, external hard drive, USB drive, flash drive, memory card, etc. It repair video file from hard drive working on different file system such as HFS, HFSX, NTFS, FAT, EXFAT, etc. You can purchase this application online to repair damaged and corrupted video files.

Some of the reasons responsible for corruption or damage of video files

Round Tripping: It is a procedure to alter the file extension of video files and then again alter to the existing one. During this conversion process if interruption occurs such as power failure then the video files may get corrupted.

Virus Attack: The virus attack on the device may damage or corrupt the video file. Once the video file get damaged, you are not able to access the video file.

Sudden Shut Down of System: If the system is shut down due to the power failure or low battery while playing certain video files then there are chances that video file become inaccessible on any media player.

Under such conditions, you can use Repair Video tool to fix damaged and corrupted video files on Windows and Mac systems. It repairs different media file formats such as MOV, MPEG, AVI, 3GP, MP4 etc.

Precautions to avoid corruption issues in Video File

  • Prepare the back up of all important video files to avoid the accidental corruption issue
  • Apply emergency power supply so as to avoid sudden shut down
  • Always use reliable software for converting video file extension.

Features of Repair Video Tool

  • This software can be installed and launched on both Windows and Mac based system to fix corrupted video file.
  • You can repair corrupted and video file captured from Kodak, Olympus, Nikon, Panasonic, Sony, Samsung, Casio, etc.
  • You can also fix different file formats such as MOV, AVI, FLV, MPEG, 3GP, etc.
  • Demo version of Repair video software allow user to repair and preview files. In order to save repaired video file, users need to purchase the application from website.

How to Recover Deleted or Lost Photos from Computer Hard Drive?

windows-data-recoveryHello Friends!! Last night while moving pictures from my system to mobile phone, system shut down abruptly. When I restart the system to move files again I was surprised as all pictures lost from computer as well as from mobile phone. Those pictures are very important for me since they contain huge collection of my memories. Can anyone suggest me third party tool to recover photos from computer in a reliable way?

Recover Photos from Computer tool is an essential software to recover deleted or lost files from Windows or Mac system. With the application of this tool, you can recover different file types of photos such as JPEG, PNG, JPEG, GIFF, TIFF, etc. You can get back deleted or erased files from hard drive, pen drive, memory card, USB drive, external hard drive, SD card, XD card, SDXC card, SDHC card, etc. This software contains advanced interface so that novice user can also recover deleted or lost photos from computer.

Reasons for photo loss from system

Accidental deletion: Sometimes while previewing photos from system if user unintentionally press delete button then pictures get deleted from system. It is advised to backup important files so as to avoid deletion of photos from system.

Error while file transfer: While moving pictures from system to other device if any interruption such as power failure occurs then files lost from drive as well as other data storage device.

File system corruption: File system of any data storage device collects the location information of files and folder. Whenever file system gets corrupt operating system is unable to find the location of file and finally lost from drive.

Bad sector: It is one of the sectors which is damaged due to overheating or power sink. If overwritten files on bad sector then the file get corrupt and become unreachable from users.

You can use this application on your system to recover deleted or lost pictures with ease. The application supports recovery process from all the above mentioned scenarios.

Features of Recover Photos from Computer Tool

  • You can launch this application on Windows and Mac system to recover photos in a reliable way. This software is compatible with both 32 bit and 64 bit operating system.
  • The software recovers generic as well as RAW photos from different brands of digital camera. You can recover photos from Canon, Panasonic, Sony, Kodak, Nikon, Olympus, Fujifilm, etc.
  • It is reliable and robust tool so that both technical and non-technical users can easily recover delete or lost photos from computer.
  • The demo version of this tool allow you to recover deleted or lost photos for free. In case, you want to save recovered photos then you need to upgrade the software.

Free Media Recovery Software- Download

video repair toolDigital media files include audio files, video files and images. Some of the formats of media files are JPG, JPEG, PNG, MP3, MOV, MP4, AVI, FLV, etc. But sometimes due to certain reasons such as accidental deletion, formatting, error while file transfer, etc. Under such condition, media files get deleted or lost from data storage device. The users have to face severe data loss from data storage device.

Recover Media Files tool is an essential tool which is capable enough to recover media files with few simple and effective steps. This tool can restore files from hard drive, memory cards, pen drives, external HDD and USB drives. You are able to use this application to recover deleted or lost audio, video and images on Windows and Mac system. It recovers files from different file system of data storage device such as NTFS, HFS, EXFAT, FAT and HFSX. The software is available on website such that any user can purchase and recover lost media file easily.

Reasons for loss of media files on Windows and Mac system

Accidental Deletion: Sometimes while removing unwanted media files from drive, if user accidentally selects important files then all files including important media files get deleted from the drive. It happens usually to the users as a result files get deleted from the data storage device.

Emptied Recycle Bin: While restoring media files from recycle bin if user press delete button in place of restore button then all files get permanently deleted from the system.

Abrupt Ejection of Storage device: When user abnormally removed data storage device then there are chances that media files get lost from the data storage device. Actually file table of data storage device is corrupted which results in data loss.

Virus or Malware Programs: Sometimes virus or malware programs enter into the device which corrupt the files stored in data storage device. As a result of which files get deleted due to the use of antivirus tool.

In addition to above mentioned reason, there are several other reasons such as improper file transfer, power surge, bad sector, use of unreliable software, etc. You can use this software to recover above mentioned scenarios within few simple steps.

Features of Recover Media Files Tool

  • This software can recover media files deleted or lost due to different scenarios. You can easily install this app on Windows and Mac system.
  • Recover media files tool can recover files and restore on internal or external data storage device.
  • The software contains powerful scanning tool that scans and recover media files from damaged, corrupted or formatted data storage device.
  • The demo version of recover media files tool can be downloaded to retrieve deleted media files for free. In case, user wants to save recovered file then they need to purchase the application.
  • For more details about this tool, you can refer this link:

USB Flash Drive Not Formatted Error Recovery Software

“I have a USB drive that stopped working and got an error message like “USB drive is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?” I have tried on many systems but on all system they all reminded me the same message that the USB drive needs to be reformatted. I have not deleted or reformatted anything from it as it contains my important files of office work. Can anyone suggest me how to recover data from USB drive which is showing error message like “USB drive is not formatted?”disk-not-formatted

However, this sort of error may arise when you connect your USB drive to your computer which fails to read the USB drive. In such situations, if you click on “Yes” to format the USB drive then the entire data from USB drive will gets vanished whereas if you select “No” then it does not allow you to access the files such as videos, pictures, etc. leaving you depressed and nervous.

Reasons for USB drive which show format errors?

  • Using USB drive on multiple digital devices and system.
  • Unknowingly using USB drive in virus infected devices which may corrupt the drive and display “USB drive not formatted error”.
  • USB drive file system corruption
  • USB drive crash
  • USB file system errors which make the drive inaccessible causing data loss.
  • Improper handling of the USB drive
  • Using third party tools
  • Power failure
  • Incompatibilities between the device and the operating system

Precautionary Measures:

  • Use good antivirus to scan your USB drive to secured devices from the harmful virus which leads to showing format error message.
  • Avoid improper handling of USB drive to prevent data loss.
  • As soon as you encounter with “USB need to be formatted” perform recovery of data using efficient data recovery tool.
  • Avoid usage of same USB drive on different devices which may cause USB drive format error results in vital data loss.

Features of USB Not Formatted Software:

  • This software is capable of restoring files such as videos, pictures, documents, etc. from USB drive after format error message on Windows operating system such as Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, etc.
  • It recovers files from various brands of USB drive such as Kingston, SanDisk, Samsung, Transcend, Sony, HP, Corsair, Moser Baer, Imation, Lexar, Toshiba, PNY, LaCie, etc.
  • The software has the ability to recover files from different storage devices such as system hard drive, flash drive, memory cards, memory sticks, pen drive, thumb drives, FireWire drive, external hard drive, etc.
  • It supports the recovery of files from formatted, deleted, reformatted USB drives with utmost ease.
  • You can view the restored files using “Preview” option of the software before saving it to the preferred place. In case, if you are satisfied with the results then purchase the full version of the software to save the retrieved files.

Recover Lost or Deleted Files from Recycle Bin

Sometimes while performing various data operations on computer the files from your hard drive gets deleted accidentally or manually and will go to the Recycle Bin folder, where Recycle Bin is nothing but a trash basket that is used to store the deleted folders and files from your computer hard drive, i.e. you can throw any deleted data from your storage device into it and recover’s them back whenever necessary. There are various option provided in Recycle Bin folder which includes empty Recycle Bin, restore, restore all items etc. If you choose any option then the files get deleted permanently from the Recycle Bin.

Recover Recycle BinHowever due to several unexpected aspects like accidental deletion, emptying the Recycle Bin, file system corruption, etc. the files get deleted or lost from the Recycle Bin and the user cannot able to get back data from Recycle Bin manually. No matter how the files get lost from it, you can still hope for file recovery with the help of reliable and user-friendly software named Recycle Bin Recovery software.

Causes for the deletion or loss of files from Recycle Bin:

  • After deletion of any file, it will move directly to the Recycle Bin folder and can be restored from it whenever required. But, sometimes if the user selects “empty Recycle Bin” then it results in permanent deletion of files.
  • While deleting the data if the user accidentally presses on “Shift + Delete” command key, then the deleted data will not go to recycle bin and it results in permanent deletion.
  • Most of the users use the command prompt to delete or to copy the folder from one drive to another. If the data is deleted from the command prompt it gets deleted permanently by skipping Recycle Bin folder.
  • In the general case, the size of Recycle Bin is 10% of hard disk capacity. So, when Recycle Bin reaches or exceeds its maximum storage capacity then it starts deleting the old items that were present in Recycle Bin folder.

Features of Recycle Bin Recovery Software:

This software is used to recover Recycle Bin on various versions of Windows operating system such as Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows server 2008 & Windows server 2003. It recovers all type of files from Recycle Bin folder including digital RAW pictures and video files, audio, spreadsheets, documents, etc. This application not only recovers deleted folders from Recycle Bin but also used for recovering files from external storage devices like external hard disks, FireWire drives, flash drives, USB drives etc. It is used to retrieve deleted or lost files that are deleted by bypassing the Recycle Bin folder. Recover recycle Bin software consists of a scanning algorithm, so that it scans the entire drive to restore the Recycle Bin within few minutes and consists of save recovery session feature that enables the user to skip the re-scanning process.

You can now create Skype meetings right from Microsoft Outlook for iOS

Microsoft acquired just over a year ago based largely on Acompli that Microsoft Outlook is a personal email app which works with a variety of email services including Gmail, Yahoo mail and iCloud in addition to Microsoft’s Outlook, MSN, Office 365, Exchange, etc. Microsoft Outlook also provides a built-in calendar which lets you access the events next to your emails. With calendar aspect of Microsoft Outlook, the app’s latest update introduces with couple of new and significant features.

Skype Integration

The most remarkable features that just added to Outlook for iOS are Skype Integration in the application calendar.

When you build or edit a calendar event, a new switch labeled known as Skype Call which lets you can turn on to automatically creating a Skype call link for the event. And when the time of the Skype meeting has arrived, then just hit the Join button for Skype Call in the event’s details to make the call. The application will prompt you to install the Skype application for iOS if you do not have it so far on your device.

Microsoft Outlook Skype Call

The introduction of Skype Integration in Microsoft Outlook for iOS is done at the same time with Skype’s announcement which is put to roll out the hold for the free group video calling on iOS and other mobile platforms.

Three-day View

According to Microsoft, a new three-day view is added to Outlook for iOS users in the calendar to which make your schedule for the days further on clearer than ever. Just hit the view icon at the top right corner of the calendar and choose the new 3-day option instead of Agenda or day to see the calendar in the new view.

Microsoft Outlook 3-day View

Microsoft Outlook is available free on the App Store. It is attuned with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch running on iOS 8.0 or later versions, with hold up for Apple Watch for viewing and replying to emails directly from the wrist.

Outlook’s comes with various features like for 3D Touch and email printing.

Outlook is one of the most outstanding alternatives to Apple’s built-in Mail app on iOS. With Readdle’s Spark that has been updated with new features as it comes with highly recommended mainly for users who are on the watch out for a replacement to Dropbox’s forthcoming outdated Mailbox.

How to Install Windows 10 Apps to an External Drive?

Nowadays, you can buy Windows 10 laptop with 32GB of internal storage with a very low cost. Windows store don’t have precious storage on your system to store large games and other applications. You can install Windows 10 apps to separate drives like USB flash drive, SD card,

How to Make Windows 10 Apps install to an SD Card or Other Drive:

  • First of all insert a SD card, USB drive, or any external storage device for installing apps(It will be your default saved location)
  • Now from the Start Menu, open Settingssettings
  • Click on System and select storage which is available on the left menu. After clicking on Storage, you will see the drive listed like SD card along with your internal drive.
  • Choose your SD card or other drive in the “New apps will save to” option beneath Save locations.
  • Click on Apply. 4

If you install any apps from the Windows store then it will saved to your selected drive keeping your internal drive storage space free.

Note: If you disconnect or remove your selected drive from your computer then the apps won’t work. Otherwise to use the apps, again you have to reconnect the drive to your computer.

How to Move Apps to a Different Drive

  • Go to Settings then click on System and choose Apps & features
  • Choose the app which you want to move and then click on Move
  • Click on Move after verifying the drive in which you want to move the app.6

What if You Unplug the Drive?

The apps which you install on the SD card or USB flash drive won’t work if you disconnect or remove it from your computer. You can tap on tile to start the apps but nothing will happen. Reconnect the drive to the computer to work it normally again.

How to Undo This Change

If you want to stop using the external storage drive in the future, return to the System and then go to the Storage screen in the Settings app and choose “This PC” for “New apps installed to”.

Then new apps will then install to your internal storage. On the other hand, apps which you have installed to your SD card or other external drive won’t be migrated; as a result you will have to use the uninstall and reinstall tips if you want to move them.

Consumer SSDs and Hard Drive Prices are Nearing Parity

The prices of SSDs and HHDs have fallen every year, and the experts expected that this is going to at its lowest price by 2017. This straight fall in the prices of SSDs gives lift to this drive in the laptops manufacturing. According to the latest report of DRAMeXchange which is a division of market research firm Trendforce, the use of SSDs in the laptops go to 24% to 25% this year. It is expected that the use of SSDs is going to increase. It is expected that it shares goes to 31% next year and by 2017 it is going to 41%.

This is the fourth straight decline rate in the price of SSDs. The decline in the price exceeds to 10% this year. This shows that the popularity of SSD drive is falling down. Due to the low selling of notebooks, branded PC and channel distributor still holding back on their SSD purchase. However, the 256 GB SSD is going close to the state or condition to equal their decline price with HHDs.

As the price of SSDs dropped dramatically but on the other hand the price of HHDs hasn’t. The report says that per gigabyte price of HHD has dropped to only one percent per year, from 2012 to 2015 it decline from 9 percent to 6 percent. It is expected that HHDs price is going to remain constant by 2017. If we do comparison, in 2012 the price of SSD were selling for 99 cents but when we take look from 2013 to 2015, per gig price comes down from 68 cents to 39 cents. This means that average selling price of 1 TB SSD is almost $390. It is also expected that from next year, the price of consumer SSD is going to decline to 24 cents per gig and from 2017 this is going to fall to 17 cents per gigabytes. This means the average retail price for 1 TB would be $170.

In the third quarter the consumer SSD shipments reached a total of 21.6 million units. When you look on the third quarter shipment you found that the use of notebooks rose to 43.3 million units, which is 13% more from previous year shipment. In retail sectors, the channel distributors were pretty much conservatives in restocking efforts. This was done because they expected that the NAND flash drive prices might go down. Therefore, the retail SSD market shipments were quite disappointing last year is this happen due to peak quarter standard.

Tool to Repair Video File

video repair toolVideos are the collection of images along with other data like audio and subtitles. Videos can be in any file extension including .mpeg, .mp4, .mov, .avi, .mpg, m4v, .3gp, etc. These video file format supports by various Windows and Mac OS X systems. Basically videos are the electronic media for playing, recording and displaying of movies. Videos are used to record most beautiful events such as birthday parties, summer vacation, marriage party, etc. with the help of digital camera. After recording such precious moments you store them in system and thinking that these are safe and secure. But when you try to play these videos on the media player, then you may face some problem due to the damaging video files.

Are you facing such video file corruption issue? Do you want to repair damaged or corrupted video file? If yes, then make the use of Video Repair Tool. It is one of the advanced and highly recommended program which enable you to fix damaged video files easily. It is capable of repairing video files which can be damaged or corrupted in any known or unknown ways on different Windows and Mac OS X system without any difficulty. With the help of this program, you can repair video files which can be in any file format like AVI, DIVX, MP4, MOV, XVID, etc.

Some most common reasons which lead to video file corruption or damaging:

  • At the time of downloading a video file from internet, if any error occur or it does not download completely, then incompletely download video file become corrupted and also deny to play.
  • File header corruption can also damage the video file. Generally the file header contains the information about video file like file size, name, location, date, modification date, etc. if video file header gets damaged, then the video file become inaccessible or unplayable.
  • While moving the video files from one storage device to another, if any error occurs which interrupt this process including improper system shutdown or sudden ejection of external media can make video file unplayable.
  • Codec is a process used to encode and decode a video file. If the media player does not support video file codec, then video file became inaccessible.
  • Making the use of unreliable third party tools for playing a video file can make it unreachable.
  • Converting the file format of a video file to other can also make your video file unplayable.
  • While playing a video on media player, if any error occurs like system shutdown improperly or improper media player close can also make corrupt the video file.

Whatever can be a reason behind video file corruption, you can fix them by making the use of Video Repair Tool. This program does not modify the original damaged video file. It simply creates the same copy of damaged video file and read the information from corrupted video file and put it into new one. With the help of Video Repair Tool, you can fix damaged video file which can be recorded with various camcorder brands such as Casio, Canon, Kodak, Fujifilm, Samsung, Panasonic, Contour, Nikon, Sony, Olympus, etc. It also allows you to repair damaged video files on numerous operating system including Mac OS X Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Snow Leopard and Microsoft Win 8, Win 7, Win Vista, Win XP, Win 2003 server, Win 2008 server easily.

How to pair a game controller to the new Apple TV

The SteelSeries Nimbus game controller lets you play high definition Apple-TV-4-gaming-maingames of on your new Apple TV. Just go through the points to know how to set up game controller to Apple TV.

To set up your Controller start at your Apple TV’s home screen

  • Launch the Settings application on your Apple TV using the trackpad of your remote.
  • Select “Remote and Devices” from the list of the main Settings menu.
  • Under “Remote and Devices” menu choose” Bluetooth”.
  • Put the game controller into pairing mode (for the SteelSeries Nimbus Wireless controller, you have to turn it on by holding the pairing button for a few seconds)
  • Once the Apple TV finds the game controller, it will show you the list of devices.
  • Scroll down and select the device. After selecting require device, controller will automatically pair with the new Apple TV.
  • When the pairing process is over, you will see that controller is listed as Connected under My Devices. Once controller is connected, you will able to handle the games in much better and also use it to navigate the TVOS environment.

Note: You can also use the game controller’s joystick, plus A and plus B buttons to navigate the Apple TV. Button A select the item and B acts a back button.

How to add an iPhone or iPad as a game controller for Apple TV

You can use third party MFi game controller anywhere on your Apple TV, including non-gaming application and on the Home screen.

If you want to connect iPhone or iPad to use as a controller then firstly you have to launch the specific game on both the Apple TV and your iPhone or iPad. Follow the instructions for pairing both Apple TV and iPhone or iPad.

Troubleshoot while adding a game controller

If you are getting any issue when you added a third-party MFi controller then follow some steps which will help you to get rid of it.

  • First of all check that your controller is charged or not, if not then charge it firstly.
  • Restart your game controller as well as Apple TV.
  • Make sure that your game controller is not connected to previously connected Bluetooth devices before attempting to pair with Apple TV.
  • If you are still getting any issue then click on the device and under the Bluetooth screen click on “Forget Device”.