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I deleted a folder named “project report” from D drive of my laptop by mistake. The deleted folder is more significant to me because it consist of large amount of my college project reports. I am using Windows 7 OS based laptop. Is there any suitable way that can assist me to recover deleted folder from my laptop? Thanks a lot..!!

Recover folders

Okay, folder is an effective location where various types of files, programs, and other folders can be located. Computers with Windows or Mac or other OS have folders in order to help system users for storing and organizing their important files. By continue reading you can easily come to know more about folders and various libraries that are used to access them.  In some situation, folders may get deleted or lost due to various reasons like system error or human mistakes. For example, folders may get deleted by accident using shift delete key combination on Windows system.

In such a case, folders are get deleted permanently from the system. Likewise folders may get lost because of formatting or reformatting storage drive, bad sectors on hard drive, severe virus infection, interruption during folder transfer etc. After deleting or losing folder you may get worried because of thinking your essential files which are located in it. But you no need to worry, because nowadays recovering folder from system or any flash storage media is very simple task with the help of powerful Folder Recovery software which is developed with special scanning mechanism. It allows you to recover folders within short time duration. For more details check this page:

The various types of files which are located in the folder will be disappeared when a folder has been erased from the system. These files are not directly removed. Windows operating system just marks drive space which is being available for making use by changing the file table character therefore the data entry won’t be shown in a DIR command or My Computer, etc. This is the main reason for the possibility of deleted folder recovery. In order to get back the lost or deleted folders you need to download and use reliable folder recovery tool. Using this tool, deleted or lost Word, ZIP archives, Excel, PowerPoint, videos, audio files, photo, and all document and folders in Windows and Mac OS based system like Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/8 and Mac versions include Yosemite, Mountain Lion, and Snow Leopard.

This tool recovers folder from various data storage devices like external hard disk drive, flash memory cards, memory sticks easily. In order to evaluate the performance of this tool you can preview the recovered files in trail version itself. For saving recovered folders you have purchase the full license version of this tool. Recovering folder task session can be saved using “Save Recovery Session” feature. The recovery session can be resuming at any time therefore your valuable time will be saved. This software supports various flash drives which are formatted with various file system structure like FAT16, NTFS, FAT32, NTFS5 and ExFAT effortlessly. You can save recovered folder into any secure storage media like CD or DVD which should be accessible by the host system. In order to save disk space you can compress recovered folders in a ZIP archive.