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You can now create Skype meetings right from Microsoft Outlook for iOS

Microsoft acquired just over a year ago based largely on Acompli that Microsoft Outlook is a personal email app which works with a variety of email services including Gmail, Yahoo mail and iCloud in addition to Microsoft’s Outlook, MSN, Office 365, Exchange, etc. Microsoft Outlook also provides a built-in calendar which lets you access the events next to your emails. With calendar aspect of Microsoft Outlook, the app’s latest update introduces with couple of new and significant features.

Skype Integration

The most remarkable features that just added to Outlook for iOS are Skype Integration in the application calendar.

When you build or edit a calendar event, a new switch labeled known as Skype Call which lets you can turn on to automatically creating a Skype call link for the event. And when the time of the Skype meeting has arrived, then just hit the Join button for Skype Call in the event’s details to make the call. The application will prompt you to install the Skype application for iOS if you do not have it so far on your device.

Microsoft Outlook Skype Call

The introduction of Skype Integration in Microsoft Outlook for iOS is done at the same time with Skype’s announcement which is put to roll out the hold for the free group video calling on iOS and other mobile platforms.

Three-day View

According to Microsoft, a new three-day view is added to Outlook for iOS users in the calendar to which make your schedule for the days further on clearer than ever. Just hit the view icon at the top right corner of the calendar and choose the new 3-day option instead of Agenda or day to see the calendar in the new view.

Microsoft Outlook 3-day View

Microsoft Outlook is available free on the App Store. It is attuned with iPhone, iPad, iPod touch running on iOS 8.0 or later versions, with hold up for Apple Watch for viewing and replying to emails directly from the wrist.

Outlook’s comes with various features like for 3D Touch and email printing.

Outlook is one of the most outstanding alternatives to Apple’s built-in Mail app on iOS. With Readdle’s Spark that has been updated with new features as it comes with highly recommended mainly for users who are on the watch out for a replacement to Dropbox’s forthcoming outdated Mailbox.

How to Install Windows 10 Apps to an External Drive?

Nowadays, you can buy Windows 10 laptop with 32GB of internal storage with a very low cost. Windows store don’t have precious storage on your system to store large games and other applications. You can install Windows 10 apps to separate drives like USB flash drive, SD card,

How to Make Windows 10 Apps install to an SD Card or Other Drive:

  • First of all insert a SD card, USB drive, or any external storage device for installing apps(It will be your default saved location)
  • Now from the Start Menu, open Settingssettings
  • Click on System and select storage which is available on the left menu. After clicking on Storage, you will see the drive listed like SD card along with your internal drive.
  • Choose your SD card or other drive in the “New apps will save to” option beneath Save locations.
  • Click on Apply. 4

If you install any apps from the Windows store then it will saved to your selected drive keeping your internal drive storage space free.

Note: If you disconnect or remove your selected drive from your computer then the apps won’t work. Otherwise to use the apps, again you have to reconnect the drive to your computer.

How to Move Apps to a Different Drive

  • Go to Settings then click on System and choose Apps & features
  • Choose the app which you want to move and then click on Move
  • Click on Move after verifying the drive in which you want to move the app.6

What if You Unplug the Drive?

The apps which you install on the SD card or USB flash drive won’t work if you disconnect or remove it from your computer. You can tap on tile to start the apps but nothing will happen. Reconnect the drive to the computer to work it normally again.

How to Undo This Change

If you want to stop using the external storage drive in the future, return to the System and then go to the Storage screen in the Settings app and choose “This PC” for “New apps installed to”.

Then new apps will then install to your internal storage. On the other hand, apps which you have installed to your SD card or other external drive won’t be migrated; as a result you will have to use the uninstall and reinstall tips if you want to move them.