Knowing These 8 Tips Will Make Your Unformat Hard Disk Recovery Easier

Hi friends! This is Paul Santy I am back here to make you guys aware about data recovery as I came up with new topic today related to recovery of files, so I would like to share tips for data recovery on the formatted hard drive, we see in our daily life, demand of external hard drives, hard drives, or any other storing devices playing key role in the data transfer. Many people requires to transfer data from one computer device to the other and this can be easily done with the help of this external hard drive as there are much capable of storing files until users delete or remove them for permanent process. These external hard drives can even utilize for backup purpose as in case for storing vital files in advancement, if the files get lost. It will be very horrific incident, when the external hard drive of important files gets formatted and which cause of loss of data from it.unformat hard disk

See what this gentleman says:

“Hi everyone, from the past few months I used same hard drive on my Windows machine. Due to which, I stored numerous of files containing important as well as other related files. But accidentally while making use of it, I opt for formatting hard drive entire data get vanished from the screen. I found myself in the state if idle, no way of thinking as I got struck with the loss of files from the hard drive. This thing happened in very short period of time and I am looking for an easy solution to Unformat hard drive disk to recover data from the formatted hard drive disk.

Waiting for reply”

Don’t be panic! Instead be cool and calmly carry out the recovering of lost files with ease steps. As you can move one step back to get similar data as earlier it was on the formatted hard drive. This solution provides you with complete facility to make formatted hard disk drive as Unformat hard disk and recover data from the formatted hard drive. Your queries related to format hard drive disk can be solved with the recovering software known as Unformat Disk. This tool will help you to get rid of data loss from the hard drive not only due to the format of drive, but also works in different cases, let us have glance where this software can be applicable.

Make you feel easy to recover hard drive data in below cases:

  • Format error: Sometime format error may occur on the hard drive as due to some or the other reason. Whatever reason behind unreadable of hard drive due to format error, you should opt for formatting hard drive as no other option left over.
  • Accidental Format: Users may unknowingly select formatting drive which results in loss of entire data from it. Accidental case of formatting may also results in same in removal of all files from the drive.
  • File System corrupt: When the file system get corrupted or damaged may also cause loss of data from the hard drive. Bad sectors, virus attack are the some other reasons for data loss from the hard drives.

How to Create a Bootable USB Drive with DOS?

Even though, DOS is not widely used, for reading the instructions from manufacturers for updating BIOS, firmware updating applications, and other system tools, DOS is necessary. Most of the computer users does not have floppy disks to format it using MS DOS. Therefore, you need some external drives like USB drives to create a bootable drive with DOS. Even Windows does not allow you to select the “Create MS-DOS start up disk” option to format your USB drive. Hence, you have to download and install Rufus app.

Many lower level functions are available within DOS, which you can’t simply get to with full Windows. One of the essential things you need to do is using a bootable DOS USB is to update drivers or a bios. It is very easy to do and it is very useful for using many different applications too.

Follow below mentioned procedure in order to create a bootable USB drive with DOS:

Step 1: Plug in your USB drive to your computer and select it in the device box

Step 2: Next, make sure that you have enabled “Create a bootable disk using” check box and then ensure that you have selected FreeDOS

Step 3: Here, you need to click on Start button. After selecting the Start button, all the contents in the USB drive will be erased. You need to backup your important files from USB drive before starting the Start menu.


There is a default option, so that you do not have to configure Rufus at all.  This process is extremely very quick – It takes hardly five seconds on your computer

Next, you need to copy your files:

You might have created this boot drive because you have a DOS program to run like BIOS update application or the other low level system program. In order to run these files from DOS, you have to copy these files to your USB drive.


Boot into DOS:

By restarting your computer, you can boot now into DOS. If your system fails to boot from the USB drive, then you need to change the boot order. Once you are in DOS, the program copied to your USB drive can be executed by typing its name in the DOS prompt. You have to follow the instructions that are provided in the manufacturer’s site or documentation. Continue reading here, to know more details about how to create a bootable USB drive with DOS.

Download and Use Folder Recovery Software for FREE

I deleted a folder named “project report” from D drive of my laptop by mistake. The deleted folder is more significant to me because it consist of large amount of my college project reports. I am using Windows 7 OS based laptop. Is there any suitable way that can assist me to recover deleted folder from my laptop? Thanks a lot..!!

Recover folders

Okay, folder is an effective location where various types of files, programs, and other folders can be located. Computers with Windows or Mac or other OS have folders in order to help system users for storing and organizing their important files. By continue reading you can easily come to know more about folders and various libraries that are used to access them.  In some situation, folders may get deleted or lost due to various reasons like system error or human mistakes. For example, folders may get deleted by accident using shift delete key combination on Windows system.

In such a case, folders are get deleted permanently from the system. Likewise folders may get lost because of formatting or reformatting storage drive, bad sectors on hard drive, severe virus infection, interruption during folder transfer etc. After deleting or losing folder you may get worried because of thinking your essential files which are located in it. But you no need to worry, because nowadays recovering folder from system or any flash storage media is very simple task with the help of powerful Folder Recovery software which is developed with special scanning mechanism. It allows you to recover folders within short time duration. For more details check this page:

The various types of files which are located in the folder will be disappeared when a folder has been erased from the system. These files are not directly removed. Windows operating system just marks drive space which is being available for making use by changing the file table character therefore the data entry won’t be shown in a DIR command or My Computer, etc. This is the main reason for the possibility of deleted folder recovery. In order to get back the lost or deleted folders you need to download and use reliable folder recovery tool. Using this tool, deleted or lost Word, ZIP archives, Excel, PowerPoint, videos, audio files, photo, and all document and folders in Windows and Mac OS based system like Windows XP/ Vista/ 7/8 and Mac versions include Yosemite, Mountain Lion, and Snow Leopard.

This tool recovers folder from various data storage devices like external hard disk drive, flash memory cards, memory sticks easily. In order to evaluate the performance of this tool you can preview the recovered files in trail version itself. For saving recovered folders you have purchase the full license version of this tool. Recovering folder task session can be saved using “Save Recovery Session” feature. The recovery session can be resuming at any time therefore your valuable time will be saved. This software supports various flash drives which are formatted with various file system structure like FAT16, NTFS, FAT32, NTFS5 and ExFAT effortlessly. You can save recovered folder into any secure storage media like CD or DVD which should be accessible by the host system. In order to save disk space you can compress recovered folders in a ZIP archive.

Reliable Software to Repair PSD File On Windows and Mac

“Hello friends, Can someone please suggest me a reliable way to repair corrupted PSD file? Recently I was working on one of my important PSD file on Adobe Photoshop. All of the sudden my computer got crashed due to hardware issues. After sometime I fixed the hardware issue and tried to open the PSD file on the Adobe application. Surprising thing is that my PSD file was getting opened in the application but nothing was viewable, only a “blue corrupted picture” was visible. I tried multiple number of times to reopen the PSD file. But, it was of no use, nothing seems to working out. Finally, I found out that my PSD file got corrupted. Is there any reliable tool to repair PSD file? Buddies kindly mention me only a reliable tool, because I don’t want to mess my damaged PSD file further! Thank you”

tool to repair PSDAre you facing similar kind of PSD file corruption or damage issues? Are you in seek of a reliable PSD repair utility. Then you are in the right place. By simply going ahead with this article you will come to know about the reliable tool to fix damaged or corrupted PSD file using a certified PSD repair application. But, before, knowing about the tool and its features it’s very necessary to know few of the causes how your PSD file got corrupted or damaged, which will help you out to prevent such situation inorder to avoid PSD file corruption.

Some of the reasons for PSD file corruption or damage:

  • Mishandling the PSD file: If you try to open the same PSD file on multiple operating system platforms like Windows, Mac, Linux etc. there are lot of possibilities for your PSD file to get corrupt.
  • Header corruption: Header of your PSD file holds all following relative data of your PSD file like height of pixel, width of pixel, bits per channel, mode description, color details etc. This header file may get damaged if you suddenly switch of your computer during its operation; power interruption during operation etc. could result in unsaved header details on Adobe Photoshop This could lead in corrupting the PSD file.
  • Converting or compressing the PSD File: Most of the time, you may either try to convert or compress the PSD file by using unreliable third party applications. As this could end up in corrupting the entire Adobe Photoshop PSD file.

Software to repair PSD file:

The most widely used reliable application is “Repair Photoshop” utility, which can fix all the issues related to PSD file corruption. This tool is reliable certified program and it’s a destructive free, malware free, virus free and bug free application. It is also fixes damaged Photoshop Document file on various versions of Adobe application like Photoshop CS6, Photoshop CS5, Photoshop CS4, Photoshop CS3, Photoshop CS2, Photoshop CS1, Photoshop CS and Photoshop7, 6, 5 so on.  You can also evaluate the “free version” of this Repair Photoshop tool and check its actual fixing performances and on satisfactory you can buy the “Full version” of this program. This software is supported on both Windows and Mac operating systems.

Software to Recover Card Files With Ease

recover card files

Flash card is also simply called as flash memory card or memory card. It is the mostly widely used storage medium which offers multiple of advantages over various other popular storage devices such as hard disk drive, pen drive, CD, DVD etc. A memory card is smaller in size, lighter in terms of weight, extremely portable, durable and particularly developed to store various types of digital data. Flash memory cards are used in different electronic devices to store data in it. Memory card are most ideally used on many camcorders, digital cameras and provides the capability to store thousands of high resolution picture or videos files.

As other storage devices, flash memory cards are also prone to lose data due to many factors. Together with accidental data loss problems, users have faced many issues regarding data loss from memory cards. So, if you have lost data from your flash card and if you’re eager in knowing how to recover card files, then continue reading this article to know more how to retrieve card files easily.

Factors that Influence data loss on flash memory card:

  • Interrupting the transfer process: As the title indicates, most of the users face files lost from their flash memory card due to: sudden interruption or forceful termination of data transfer. For instance, suppose some files are transferred from your flash card on to Computer using (Cut + Paste) operation, all of the sudden if the transferring is stopped by abrupt pulling out the memory card reader, ending the process in “Windows Task Manager”, etc. May result in, loss of files from the flash memory card.
  • Un-mounting: Now a days, each and every flash memory card supported devices requests the user to “Mount” and “Un-mount” the memory properly, while inserting and removing from its device. Failing to do so, could probably cause the loss files from memory cards.
  • Deletion: Many users are unaware of deleting files from memory card. Whenever a file is being deleted from external storage device, the file does not store under Recycle Bin / Trash in computer, instead it bounces from temporary deletion folder and gets deleted permanently. Such circumstance leads to permanent loss of those deleted files from flash memory cards.
  • Other reasons: Apart from the above mentioned causes sometimes, causes like formatting, file system corruption, bad sectors, antivirus application, misusing command prompt / Terminal etc. Could, also lead in file loss from the memory card.

All the above stated reasons could cause the user to feel frustrated and worried a lot! So, on such situations always remember to use only an optimum flash memory card recovery application. One of such software is “recover card files” software. This tool is the most award winning utility and offers fast and effect free approach to get back files lost files from Memory card.

Significant features of  this recovery application:

This software retrieves each and every file that got loss / deleted from flash memory card precisely. It also supports all various memory card manufactures like transcend, SanDisk, Samsung, verbatim, Strontium, Lexar, Sony, Kingston, so on. This tool supports rescue of data from all the types of memory cards like secure digital (SD), SDHC, SDXC, micro SD, mini SD, compact flash (CF), XD, MMC so on. This program is a user friendly, bug free, ultimate tool for all file loss / deletion scenarios.

Easiest Way to Recover Data from External Hard Drive

External hard drive is removal storage device which is used to store data, preferably used as a backup storage device. External hard  drive use various file system such as FAT, NTFS, ExFAT, HFS  and HFSX to store the large amount of data like documents, media files, spreadsheets, and so on all almost latest versions of Windows and Macintosh OS. It is a portable storage device which is used to transfer data form one system to other and comes in new advanced features such as durable, reliable, store data depends on its size and many more.

Sometimes, you are creating the new partition of external hard drive to store the data in a separate logical units. During this process if any sort of interruptions occurs that are responsible for data deletion or loss from external hard drive. Apart from this, there are other reasons behind the deletion or loss of data from external hard drive. However, any reason behind the data deletion or loss from external hard drive, the Hard Drive Recovery Software helps you to recover data from external hard drive of various brands such as Western Digital, Kingston, LaCie, Lexar, Transcend, etc. This tool is capable to perform external hard drive data recovery on multiple versions of Windows and Mac OS.

Some scenarios which are responsible for data deletion or loss from external hard drive:

  • Sometimes, you may select and delete valuable files with unwanted files using delete button from external hard drive. Similarly, you are formatting essential hard drive instead of unwanted hard drive without noticing that essential files stored on it and loss files from external hard drive.
  • Sometimes, while transferring data from external storage device to computer hard drive using cut and paste option, an abruptly removal of hard drive without clicking on eject option which can lead to data delete or loss from external hard drive.
  • If your file system of external hard drive get corrupted due to various reason such as virus or malware infection, if file system get corrupted as might be chance of loss valuable files from external hard drive.
  • Sometimes, while using unreliable third party tool to perform any operation on computer such as creating new partition, repartitioning hard drive, convert file system from one to other, etc. which can lead to data loss scenarios.

You can take assistance of Hard Drive Recovery software to perform external hard drive data recovery with greater ease. This software is capable of recovering data from partition on external hard drive and formatted/reformatted external hard drive with few simple clicks. This software is made of a simple user interface and anyone new user can download  and install this software in your computer and restore data from corrupted as well as crashed external hard drive without any hurdle.

Remarkable Features of Hard Drive Recovery Software:

  • This software is used to perform external hard drive data recovery on multiple versions of Windows and Mac operating system.
  • It helps to restore data from external hard drive which is formatted with various file system like FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, NTFS5, ExFAT, HFS and HFSX.
  • This tool has the capability to restore data from various types of hard drives like SCSI, IDE and SATA and other storage devices like USB flash drives, FireWire Drives, Thumb drive, and so on.
  • You can resume the recovery process using the Save Recovery Session without rescanning the hard drives in a hassle free manner.
  • It provides an advanced option to preview the recovered data from external hard drive before restoring files into a preferred location.


Utility to Perform Portable Drive Recovery

usb1Portable drives are used for huge data storage and they are rewriteable. It can store all form of files and folders on these drives including media files, text files, executable files, PowerPoint files, and so on. There are different types of portable drives avail to store data such as external hard drives, pen drives, Fire Wire drives, memory cards, etc., and these drives are easy to handle on any systems. Leading and popular brands of portable drives are Kingston, Western Digital, Transcend, Toshiba, G-Technology, Samsung, Seagate, SanDisk, PNY, Lexar, Sony, HP, Buffalo, and Hitachi.

Have you lost your important data from any portable drive by mistake? And are you unaware of recovering lost files from USB drive? If yes, then immediately make use of Portable Drive Recovery software to get back all the deleted or lost files. It is one of the prominent and effective application used to recover files and folders on various editions of Windows and Mac operating system. With the help of this software you can preview the recovered files before restoring them on any storage medium. “Save Recovery Session” at any point of time in order to prevent rescanning of portable drive. Portable Drive Recovery tool is designed with powerful scanning mechanism so it will scans entire drive within few minutes.

Reasons for data loss from portable drive:

  • Accidental deletion happens when you interacts some unwanted or old data while working on the computer. Later on if you decide to remove all these useless stuff from the portable drive (pen drive). While performing so there is a possibility of unintentional deletion of some essential files from the pen drive. This may leads to severe data loss from portable device.
  • Formatting is the process of resetting the file system for next read write operation. But, if you unintentional or intentional format any portable drive without taking backup of vital files then this results in erase of files and folders from the portable drive.
  • After connecting the USB drive to your system, if you transfer files from PC to portable drive or vice versa then any sort of interruption will leads to deletion or erase of files from your Universal Serial Bus drive.
  • Virus infection may lead to corruption of file system in the drive. A virus is a malicious program which is designed purposely for damaging system. It could happen when you download untrusted software via internet in order to perform some work. Suppose, if you connect your portable drive to virus or malware infected system then there is a huge chance data loss from the drive.
  • Defragmentation is the process of re-arranging the files and disk space into adjoining locations in order to decrease the disk memory space. Assume, if this process is incomplete or fails due to some issues then there may be possible of files get lost or erased from the portable drive.
  • For more details about data loss issues continue reading here.

Key Points to Remember:

  1. Do not remove or eject any portable drive while sharing files.
  2. Use effective and updated antivirus utility in order to scan for virus.
  3. Always eject your portable device by using “Safely Remove Hardware” procedure.

Features of Portable Drive Recovery software:

  • Supports file recovery from all the types of hard drives interfaces such as SATA / SCSI / IDE/ATA/PATA etc.
  • This software allows to recover data from different file systems namely HFS, FAT16, ExFAT, HFS+, FAT32, HFS+, NTFS, and NTFS5.
  • You can restore deleted or lost data on various partition namely RAID0, RAID1, and RAID5 partitions.
  • Recovers all files from different data storage medium like internal hard drive, Mac computers and so on.


USB Hard Drive Data Recovery Software

USB stands for Universal Serial Bus. These drives are mostly used to store the large collection of data including documents, video/audio files, image files, etc. in safe and secure manner. These drives have various features such that compact in size, portability, support of high speed data transfer technologies like USB 3.0. It can store large amount of data depending upon its storage capacity. There are various brands of USB hard drives such as SanDisk, Transcend, Kingston, MoserBaer, HP, PNY, Sony, etc.


Sometimes, while transferring files from these hard drives interruptions can happen. Your data transfer process can be terminated unsuccessfully because of these interruptions. Or you may accidentally format your USB hard drive when it contain large amount of data. These are the reasons where you may get panic thinking about your lost data. Actually you don’t have to worry, this problem has a way out. But before checking this, let us examine some of the common reasons that lead to the deletion of loss of data from USB hard drives.

  • Accidental Formatting: Sometimes, while you formatting a drive which contain garbage files or displaying an errors on the computer screen, you may accidentally select and formatting the drive which contain essential files, which may cause of delete or loss of files on system
  • USB Drive Ejection: interruptions such as sudden removal of USB drive when you are transferring essential data from USB hard drive to other can leads to data loss.
  • Bad Sectors : Data may deleted or loss from USB hard drive due to bad sectors on that hard drive and sometimes it can leads to even hard drive corruption
  • Third Party Tools: Sometimes you may use some third party tools for disk optimization if you feel that your USB hard drive is not fast enough. If such tools are downloaded from suspicious sources, the chances for data loss from USB hard drive will become high.

Apart from the above mentioned scenario behind the data deletion or loss from USB drive, there are few more reasons such as file system corruption, software conflicts, and many more. Suppose you are a victim of data loss from USB hard drive due to any of these scenarios. How you are going to handle such as situation? At first, keep your mind calm. There is no need to worry as you can make use of USB Hard Drive Recovery software to effectively resolve this situation.

 What are the features of this tool?
  • This software supports USB hard drive as well as various storage devices such as pen drives, SD cards, CF cards, memory stick, etc.
  • It identifies data which is stored on file systems FAT 32, FAT 16, NTFS and NTFS 5 partition of hard drives without any complexities.
  • This program has got effective strong algorithm which is capable enough to scan a complete USB drives without avoiding a single bit of data.
  • It also supports formatted, crashed and damaged hard drives manufactured by SanDisk, Kingston, Moser Baer, Transcend, and so on.
  • This application compatible with multiple versions of Windows including Windows Server 2003 or 2008, Vista, XP, 7, 8, etc. and Mac Mavericks, Lion Mountain, Leopard, Snow Leopard, Lion, etc.
  • This tool has simple user interface and any new user can use this tool without asking help from anyone. Continue reading to know more about USB hard drive recovery software.

Tool to Recover Files from External Hard Drive on Mac

External hard drive is a storage device used to save important files. The files stored in hard drives are songs, pictures, videos, documents and many more. This portable device is capable in transferring files from one device to another. Sometimes files stored in hard drive get deleted or lost due to certain reason. Under such condition, you are searching for reliable tool to recover files from external HDD. Can anyone suggest me how to recover files in a hassle free way?

Under such circumstances, just make use of Mac External Drive Recovery tool to restore files in few simple steps. This recovery tool is effective enough to perform Mac drive recovery without any issues. The different files formats recovered through this application are JPG, JPEG, PNG, MP3, MP4, 3GP, MOV, AVI, FLV, DOC, DOCX, XLX, etc. It supports Mac drive recovery on all the Mac devices like MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, iMac, and many more. You can view recovered file before restoration on any storage device. This recovery tool is available online that recovers deleted or lost files from external hard drive.

Reasons for data loss from Mac external HDD

Accidental Deletion: It leads to permanent deletion of files from Mac hard drive. While previewing files if user accidentally press delete option then files get permanently deleted from Mac external hard drive.

Unintentional Formatting: Most often user accidentally presses format option while performing some task. This leads to permanent deletion of files from Mac external hard drive. Formatting of external HDD clears all files and folders stored in it.

Improper Ejection: While transferring files from external hard drive to system or vice versa if external hard drive is ejected abruptly without proper procedure then files get lost and you are unable to access such lost files.

Selection of Wrong drive: Sometimes two drives are connected simultaneously in a single system. And user wants to format another drive to clear all files and folder. If user selects wrong drive to format then all files get deleted from that drive.

Other Factor: Several other reason responsible for data loss from external hard drive are bad sector, file system corruption, third party tool, improper handling of hard drive, etc. You can use this application to overcome above mentioned scenarios.

Precautions taken to overcome above mentioned scenarios

  • Always upgrade your antivirus to latest version in order to avoid virus attack.
  • Prepare back up of important files to avoid severe data loss.

Features of this advanced drive recovery tool

  • This software is easy to install on all the latest version of Mac operating system.
  • It is capable in recovering files from external hard drive of  300 types of file format such as songs, videos, pictures, text, zip, documents, etc.
  • It includes a scanning tool which scans recovered files and data from Mac external hard drive.
  • This software has an enormous feature known as Save Recovery Session which allows users to save the recovery timing.
  • By using  external hard drive recovery tool, you can recover files from Western Digital, SanDisk, Toshiba, Samsung etc.
  • Demo version is used to preview the recovered files from Mac external drives. User is not able to save the recovered files before purchasing the software.

Note: Here’s more about the scenarios for data loss and how this software is effective in recovering files from Mac external hard drive .

Find an Easy Way to Recover External Hard Drive Mac

Hard drive holds all personal and business files including text documents, image files, spreadsheets, movie files, PowerPoint files, video files, executable files, Personal Storage Table data files, audio clips, animations, and many other files. The storage capacity of the hard drive varies from few GB to several TB. There are variety of hard drives are available in the market namely USB hard drive, SSD hard drive, internal HDD, etc. Some of the known brands of hard disk drive are Seagate, Buffalo, Western Digital, G-technology, Toshiba, HP, Samsung, etc.

Most of the Mac users loss their valuable data from hard drive because of various reasons such as virus infection, accidental deletion, formatting/reformatting, file system corruption, presence of bad sector, reinstallation of OS, use of third party utility, etc. Have you lost data from hard drive on Mac systems? Are you worried about how to recover files from hard disk? If yes, then just make use of Mac External Drive Recovery software on your Mac machines to bring back all lost or erased files from it.

Common causes behind the data loss from external hard drive on Macintosh OS X:

Abrupt shutdown of system during file transfer: Assume a situation, in which you are sharing files from Mac hard drive to any external drive during this period if sudden shutdown of Mac machine takes place then there is a chance of data loss from hard drive.

Catalog Corruption: The catalogue damage or corruption happens in Mac OS because of software malfunctioning. This makes your files saved on Mac hard drive becomes inaccessible. Henceforth, there is a huge amount of data loss.

Emptying Trash: At times, while eliminating few unwanted files from hard disk you may accidentally remove some crucial files by selecting “Command + Shift + Delete” option. This result in loss of necessary files from HDD.

Virus or Malware Attack: Suppose, if you connect your harmful virus infected portable devices to your Mac systems then there is more possibly of data loss. Because of this hard drive becomes damage or corrupt and leads to erase of files.

File System Corruption: File system holds all the information about the file that includes file name, size, file format and data of modification. Due to some factors in case file system gets damaged then it leads to data loss from the hard drive on Mac system.

Special functionalities of Mac External Drive Recovery:

  • This recovery tool can be achieved on different Macintosh OS X versions including Lion, Snow Leopard, Mavericks, Lion Mountain, Yosemite, Leopard, and many more.
  • Supports external drive recovery Mac models such as Mac Mini, Mac Air Pro, iMac, MacBook Pro, and so on.
  • It is reliable and efficient drive recovery which uses powerful scanning mechanism in order to scan your entire external HDD and restore data from it within short span of time.
  • This software allows you to recover external hard drive Mac from different partitions like FAT16, HFS, HFSX and FAT32 file system based hard drives
  • You can perform data recovery on any data storage medium like pen drives, iPods, smartphones, external hard drives, digital cameras, camcorders, etc.
  • Mac users can view the list of recovered files by using “Preview” option before restoring them on CD/DVD or any other data storage gadgets.
  • Restore various file format such as PNG, RAF, PPT, TIFF, RM, AVI, MOV, PSD, 3GP, MPEG, RA, BMP, AIF, JPEG, MP4, PST, and DOCX.
  • At any point of time you can contact the support members in case if you find problem in recovering files from external hard drive.