Tool to Recover Files from External Hard Drive on Mac

External hard drive is a storage device used to save important files. The files stored in hard drives are songs, pictures, videos, documents and many more. This portable device is capable in transferring files from one device to another. Sometimes files stored in hard drive get deleted or lost due to certain reason. Under such condition, you are searching for reliable tool to recover files from external HDD. Can anyone suggest me how to recover files in a hassle free way?

Under such circumstances, just make use of Mac External Drive Recovery tool to restore files in few simple steps. This recovery tool is effective enough to perform Mac drive recovery without any issues. The different files formats recovered through this application are JPG, JPEG, PNG, MP3, MP4, 3GP, MOV, AVI, FLV, DOC, DOCX, XLX, etc. It supports Mac drive recovery on all the Mac devices like MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, iMac, and many more. You can view recovered file before restoration on any storage device. This recovery tool is available online that recovers deleted or lost files from external hard drive.

Reasons for data loss from Mac external HDD

Accidental Deletion: It leads to permanent deletion of files from Mac hard drive. While previewing files if user accidentally press delete option then files get permanently deleted from Mac external hard drive.

Unintentional Formatting: Most often user accidentally presses format option while performing some task. This leads to permanent deletion of files from Mac external hard drive. Formatting of external HDD clears all files and folders stored in it.

Improper Ejection: While transferring files from external hard drive to system or vice versa if external hard drive is ejected abruptly without proper procedure then files get lost and you are unable to access such lost files.

Selection of Wrong drive: Sometimes two drives are connected simultaneously in a single system. And user wants to format another drive to clear all files and folder. If user selects wrong drive to format then all files get deleted from that drive.

Other Factor: Several other reason responsible for data loss from external hard drive are bad sector, file system corruption, third party tool, improper handling of hard drive, etc. You can use this application to overcome above mentioned scenarios.

Precautions taken to overcome above mentioned scenarios

  • Always upgrade your antivirus to latest version in order to avoid virus attack.
  • Prepare back up of important files to avoid severe data loss.

Features of this advanced drive recovery tool

  • This software is easy to install on all the latest version of Mac operating system.
  • It is capable in recovering files from external hard drive of  300 types of file format such as songs, videos, pictures, text, zip, documents, etc.
  • It includes a scanning tool which scans recovered files and data from Mac external hard drive.
  • This software has an enormous feature known as Save Recovery Session which allows users to save the recovery timing.
  • By using  external hard drive recovery tool, you can recover files from Western Digital, SanDisk, Toshiba, Samsung etc.
  • Demo version is used to preview the recovered files from Mac external drives. User is not able to save the recovered files before purchasing the software.

Note: Here’s more about the scenarios for data loss and how this software is effective in recovering files from Mac external hard drive .